Royal Beluga Caviar

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Royal Beluga caviar is considered to e the finest of all caviars, produced by te Huso Huso sturgeon, the rarest type of sturgeon that was originally native to the Caspian Sea. The egg size is up to 3.5mm diameter and have an opalesque sheen to them that catch the light to give a pearl like sheen. The eggs have an ultra thin membrane which means that explode on the roof of your mouth to release the delicious unique flavour that gourmets praise so highly.

Since wild beluga sturgeon are on the CITES endangered fish list, all the beluga caviar sold is now ecologically sound farm raised caviar, breeding originally wild beluga sturgeon in fresh water river farms. This responsile way of producing beluga caviar is not just good for the species, but also with the carefully controlled diet of the fish the flavour is amazing, giving you all year round availability of the finest beluga caviar.

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